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Active and Inactive Status Frequently Asked Questions

If I am listed as inactive, how do I change to active status?

You must make a written request to the Board, and you must supply the appropriate proof of continuing education and certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation within the twelve-month period prior to requesting active status. Upon receipt of your written request and attached documentation, your request will be submitted to the Board for approval. Under no circumstances are you to practice as a dentist or dental hygienist in the State of Mississippi until you receive written verification that you have been placed on the active list. If you were unable to provide the name(s) and address(es) of Mississippi dentist(s) for whom you will be working with your initial request to return to active status, once the Board has approved your request, you will be allowed, as a courtesy, sixty (60) days to remain on active status while finalizing your Mississippi dental employment. If you have not provided your Mississippi dental employment information to the Board within the sixty (60) day period, you will be returned to inactive status until such time as you have complied with all active status requirements. Refer to the following Board Regulations: Board Regulation 41Board Regulation 45, and Board Regulation 49.

If I have been inactive for three (3) or more years and have not practiced in another state, what additional requirements do I need to meet to be granted active status?

If you have been inactive for three (3) or more years AND you have not actively practiced your profession in another state or jurisdiction, you also may have to successfully complete a clinical assessment prior to being granted active status, which may be determined by the Board on a case-by-case basis. Refer to Board Regulation 49.

How often does the Board administer these clinical assessments?

The Board administers clinical assessments a minimum of twice each year, e.g., during the annual licensure examinations, and typically at the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Dentistry. However, clinical assessments may be administered elsewhere at the discretion of the Board. Refer to Board Regulation 49.

Do radiology permit holders have to request active status?

Yes. Radiology permit holders DO NOT need to submit the documentation required for dentists and dental hygienists to return to active status. Radiology permit holders simply need to submit a written request providing the name(s) and address(es) of the Mississippi dentist(s) for whom they will be working.

If I am a contract worker for the military and work outside the State of Mississippi, do I remain on active status?

No. Licensees working as contract workers for the military are NOT considered as "active duty" military personnel; as such, they are listed on inactive status while they are practicing outside of the State of Mississippi. Refer to Miss. Code Ann. §73-9-19 and Board Regulation 49.

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