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Board Staff

To ensure fastest service, please contact the appropriate Dental Board staff member.

Denny Hydrick, Executive  

Mr. Denny Hydrick is the Executive Director of the Dental Board. You may reach Executive Director Hydrick by dialing (601) 944-9625 or (601) 214-0502.

Tiffany Vaughn, Deputy Director -

Mrs. Vaughn works directly with the Executive Director to oversee the daily operations of the Dental Board.  You may reach Deputy Director Vaughn by dialing 601-944-9622, extension 1101.

Nick Hardwick, Senior

Mr. Hardwick is the contact for all questions regarding complaints, ongoing investigations, and disciplinary actions against dentists, dental hygienists, and radiology permit holders for the State of Mississippi. You may reach Mr. Hardwick by dialing 601-944-9622, extension 1103.

Lou Randia Sims, Dental and Dental Hygiene Licensing Representative -

Ms. Sims is the primary contact person for all questions regarding dental and dental hygienist licensing.  You may reach Ms. Sims by dialing 601-944-9622, extension 9626.

Sharon Tew, Radiology Permit Representative -

Mrs. Tew is the primary contact person for all questions regarding Radiology Permits. You may reach Mrs. Tew by dialing 601-944-9622, extension 1102.

Sherese Redmond, Investigator -

Ms. Redmond may be contacted regarding complaints, ongoing investigations, and disciplinary actions.  You may reach Ms. Redmond by dialing 601-944-9622, extension 1106.

Westley Mutziger, Senior Attorney -   

Mr. Mutziger serves as in-house counsel to the Dental Board. He provides advice to the Board and serves as prosecutor of violations of the Mississippi Dental Practice Act.  You may reach Mr. Mutziger by dialing 601-944-9622, extension 1104. 


Mississippi State Board of Dental Examiners

715 S. Pear Orchard Road, Suite 200 (Plaza I)

Ridgeland, MS  39157

601-944-9622 Telephone

601-944-9624 Fax