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Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

Does a general dentist need to use a disclaimer if he/she lists services performed in an advertisement?

No. However, when a dentist notes any services rendered, the dentist must note in the advertisement that he/she is a "general dentist." The word "family" may be substituted for "general." Also, ALL advertisements MUST include the full name and degree of the dentist who will be providing services. Refer to Board Regulation 43 and the ADA Code of Ethics.

Does a licensed specialist need a disclaimer when listing services provided?

No. However, a licensed specialist must indicate the ADA-recognized specialty in any advertisement wherein services provided are included. Refer to Board Regulation 43.

Can I include fees charged and/or services for "free" in my advertising?

Advertising that references a fee or fees, or a service for no fee, must clearly define the professional service being offered in the advertisement. Such advertised offers shall be presumed to include everything ordinarily required for such a service. No additional fees may be charged unless the advertisement includes the following disclaimer: "Additional fees may be incurred in individual cases". Refer to Board Regulation 43.

What is a "corporate/trade" name?

A dental facility is considered as utilizing a "corporate/trade" name when that name is not the full name and degree of the dentist owning or working in the facility (e.g., Mize Family Dentistry, Family Dentistry, South Mississippi Dental Facility, etc.). All corporate/trade names must be registered with and approved by the Board, and the Board must be provided the full names of all dentists employed by or owning the facility, as well as any alternate locations of the facility. Refer to Board Regulation 55.

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