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 Filing Complaints Against Licensees

As of 1/10/2022, you may file complaints online using our online portal.  Click here to access the online portal.


Telephone inquiries concerning complaints against licensed dentists or dental hygienists should be addressed to the Board's investigator at 601-944-9622. If that individual is unavailable, any staff member will be able to assist you. The complainant should identify the nature of the call and the licensee in question. Afterward, a complaint checklist and an authorization for release of dental records will be mailed to the complainant. These forms also may be downloaded from this web site. When filing a complaint, the complainant should provide as much information and documentation as possible, including, but not limited to, the complainant's address, work telephone number, and home telephone number; nature of the dental treatment; dates of treatment; insurance claim forms, correspondence, and billings; the names of all dentists and dental auxiliaries rendering treatment; dental photographs; etc. Complaints may be handwritten or typed and should be mailed to the Mississippi State Board of Dental Examiners, Suite 100, 600 East Amite Street, Jackson, Mississippi, 39201-2801. However, complaints involving solely fee disputes with the practitioner should not be addressed to the Board, as the Board is prohibited from handling complaints of this nature.

Complainants will receive correspondence acknowledging receipt of the complaint, and the Board's investigator will contact the complainant once an investigation has been initiated. Please be advised, however, that the Board only has two investigators who must handle complaints over the entire state, and from receipt of the complaint to its ultimate resolution may take several months.

After a thorough investigation, complaints are brought before the full Board for a reasonable cause determination as to whether the licensee has violated the Mississippi Dental Practice Act and the rules and regulations of the Board. Complaints may be remanded to the files, or the licensee may be noticed to appear before the Board in a full evidentiary hearing to show cause as to why his/her dental or dental hygiene license should not be revoked, suspended, or have other action taken against it. Should the Board determine the licensee has violated the laws and regulations concerning the practices of dentistry or dental hygiene, the Board will issue an administrative order and discipline the licensee accordingly. Each complaint is considered on an individual basis, and all formal disciplinary actions are reported, at a minimum, to the National Practitioner Data Bank, American Association of Dental Boards Clearinghouse for Board Actions, and Drug Enforcement Administration.

For additional information, refer to:

Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated (Title 73, Chapter 9)

Miss. Code Ann. § 73-9-61

Miss. Code Ann. § 73-9-63

Miss. Code Ann. § 73-9-65

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