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Mississippi Dental Practice Act


Section 73-9-1: License Required

Section 73-9-3: "Dentistry Defined"

Section 73-9-5: "Dental Hygiene" Defined

Section 73-9-7: State Board of Dental Examiners; Dental Districts; Nominations for Appointment

Section 73-9-9: Removal of Members

Section 73-9-11: How Members Shall Qualify; Quorum

Section 73-9-13: Officers of Board; Duties and Powers
During the 2015 Regular Legislative Session, the Legislature passed HB 204, which affects all health care regulatory boards. Section 3 of HB 204 amended Paragraph 2(b) of this section to stipulate that the Board shall not adopt any rule or regulation or impose any requirement regarding the licensing of dentists that conflicts with the prohibitions in Section 1 of HB 204. This law is codified in Section 73-49-3.

Section 73-9-15: Vote of Board Members

Section 73-9-17: Board to Implement Chapter

Section 73-9-19: Registration of Dentists
During the 2007 Regular Legislative Session, the Legislature passed SB 2117, which amended Miss. Code Ann. § 73-9-19. SB 2117 affects all regulatory boards, and it mandates that licensees who are serving on active military duty during license renewal shall not have their licenses voided for failure to re-register and shall not be liable for any penalties for late registration. The licensees must submit documentation to the appropriate regulatory board evidencing their active duty service in the military during the license renewal period. This law is codified in Section 33-1-39.

Section 73-9-21: Supplies

Section 73-9-23: Examinations for License

Section 73-9-24: Alternative Procedure for Qualifying for License Based on Credentials 
During the 2013 Regular Legislative Session, the Legislature passed SB 2419, which amended Miss. Code Ann. § 73-9-24. SB 2419 affects all regulatory boards, and it mandates that boards effect requirements on or before 07/01/2014 for issuance of a license, certificate or registration to military-trained or military spouse applicants to lawfully practice their occupation in Mississippi under certain circumstances. This law is codified in Section 73-50-1.

Section 73-9-25: Examinations; Subjects; Time and Place for Holding

Section 73-9-27: Licenses; How Issued and Fees

Section 73-9-28: Issuance of Special License, Certificate or Permit for Teaching or Dental Practice in Limited Categories

Section 73-9-29: Certification of Dental Specialists

Section 73-9-35: Licenses to be Exhibited

Section 73-9-37: Duplicate Licenses: When Issued

Section 73-9-39: Practice under Corporation or Business Name Prohibited

Section 73-9-41: Unauthorized Practice of Dentistry or Dental Hygiene by Unlicensed Person; Board May Summon Suspected Violators; Civil Penalties for Violations; Costs of Investigation and Hearing; Violators Must Return Any Fees Collected

Section 73-9-43: Schedule of License Fees; Delinquency Penalties; Disposition and Distribution of Fees

Section 73-9-45: Board Members to Investigate Complaints

Section 73-9-47: Voting by Mail

Section 73-9-49: Secretary's Report

Section 73-9-51: Board Members Not Liable to Suit for Official Acts

Section 73-9-53: Licensed Pharmacists May Fill Dentists' Prescriptions

Section 73-9-55: Authorization for Dental Laboratory Work

Section 73-9-57: Penalties for Practicing Illegally

Section 73-9-59: Prosecuting Officers under Duty to Act

Section 73-9-61: Denial of Issuance or Renewal, Revocation or Suspension of License for Cause; Monetary Penalty in Lieu of Denial, Revocation, or Suspension; Other Disciplinary Measures
During the 2012 Regular Legislative Session, the Legislature passed SB 2670, which amended Miss. Code Ann. § 73-9-61. SB 2670 affects all regulatory boards, and it deals with patients being promptly and clearly informed of the actual training and qualifications of their health care practitioners who provide health care services. The law aims to provide public protection against potentially misleading and deceptive health care advertising that cause patients to have undue expectations regarding their medical treatments and outcomes. This law is codified in Sections 41-121-1 through 41-121-11. During the 2016 Legislative Session, HB 489 extended the initial repealer noted in SB 2670 from July 1,2016 until July 1, 2020.

Section 73-9-63: Complaint Filed against Dentist or Dental Hygienist; Hearing

Section 73-9-65: Accused Entitled to Notice, Hearing and Appeal; Practice of Dentistry or Dental Hygiene Pending Appeal

Section 73-9-101: Short Title--"Mississippi Disabled Dentist Law"

Section 73-9-103: Restriction, Suspension, or Revocation of License in Case of Inability to Practice Due to Disability

Section 73-9-105: Examination to Determine Existence of Disability

Section 73-9-107: Conduct of Examination; Report of Findings and Recommendations; Notice to Licensee; Independent Examination; Failure to Comply with Examination Grounds for Suspension; Inspection of Patient Records

Section 73-9-109: Voluntary Restriction on License; Removal of Restriction

Section 73-9-111: Examining Committee to Report Findings to Board; Board May Accept or Reject Findings; Hearing Before Board

Section 73-9-113: Board Proceedings against Licensee; Notice to Licensee; Hearing; Determination of Fitness to Practice; Remedies; Temporary Suspension of License without Hearing

Section 73-9-115: Petition for Reinstatement; Judicial Review of Board's Orders

Section 73-9-117: Immunity of Board and Persons Providing Information in Good Faith from Liability

Section 25-41-3: Definition of Public Body and Meeting

Section 33-1-39: Extension of Professional License Issued Active Duty Military Personnel; Qualification for Extension; Fees

Section 73-49-1: State Boards that License Health Care Providers Prohibited from Promulgating or Enforcing Rules or Regulations in a Manner that Discriminates among Licensees

Section 73-49-3: Conditioning of Licensing of Certain Health Care Providers upon Provider's Participation in Public or Private Health Insurance Plans, Public Health Care Systems, Public Service Initiatives or Emergency Room Coverage Prohibited

Section 73-50-1: Licensing, Certifying or Registering Military-Trained Individuals or Spouses to Lawfully Practice Occupation

Section 93-11-64: Use of Social Security Numbers for Locating Parents

Section 93-11-151: Intent

Section 93-11-153: Definitions

Section 93-11-155: Procedures for the Establishment, Enforcement and Collection of Child Support Obligations

Section 93-11-157: Review of Information

Section 93-11-159: Interagency Agreements

Section 93-11-161: Adoption of Regulations

Section 93-11-163: Suspension of License


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